In this area of the will be information for what you need to know about travelling over to MokeFest 2013 in Western Australia from the Eastern side of the country

A 360km dash down the road to the Kennel today with a plan to arrive mid afternoon after taking in a couple of towns along the way and fuel stop. More details to come about this leg of the trip.

Day One for the Tourists from the east starts with our departure from Port Augusta at 9am as we take the main road West with a couple of bits of sightseeing planned along the way possibly including a detour via Streaky Bay on our way to an overnight stop in Ceduna. Details subject to change of course but this should help you get some idea of what you are in for.

The meeting point in Port Augusta from that we will all assemble and depart from at 9am on Tuesday morning the 17th to head across to Perth has been decided upon. Regardless of where people are staying, if they are still driving all night to get to Port Augusta or whatever,  we have a point where we will all assemble get the last minute fuel and supplies and then depart for the west as a group.

The journey is as important as the destination and as part of the crossing of the Nullabor I plan to take in as much of what there is to see as practical to fit into this crossing. To give you a taste, here are a selection of items I hope to include in the Itinerary. This article is a staging area for points of interest I find and their inclusion or not with more details will be provided in each days schedule.