A number of articles that give you some ideas about what you need to consider and potentially do to get your Moke over to Perth and back. Although we are travelling in a group and people will help you out as best they can, you are ultimately responsible for your own Moke, getting it there and back home again in one piece.

This isn't an exhaustive list of everything you will need to check nor is it going to tell you exactly how to check and fix everything either, but use this as a guide or a prompt to move around your moke and make sure the obvious issues are addressed well before you leave home. Find out what needs attention and dealing with it sooner rather than later will prevent unnecessary stops along the way or expensive repair bills in places you have never heard of.

Perth is a long way away when you look at a Map and think about driving there in your Moke, however daunting it may seem though you may be surprised to find that the majority of Mokes could be driven there tomorrow if you wanted too. However some attention to preparing your Moke for such a journey can mean the difference of getting there and back with little more than an oil change or spending your whole trip doing running repairs and limping into the next service or town. Like anything preparation is paramount.