Mokes Inc. is an not for profit organisation set up to promote and manage events and activities for Mini Moke enthusiasts around Australia. Our major events to date include MokeFest 2009 and 2013, Tamworth Round up 2010 and 2012.

In 2011 Mokes Inc. also became responsible for the operation of The Moke Forum previously created and hosted as part of as it is in line with the purpose of the organisation to promote Moke activities.

Mokes Inc. does not operate in the manner of the traditional car clubs with ongoing club meetings and newsletters as much of that is provided online by The Mokes Inc. Forum on a daily basis. Around the time of the events we organise we take on non-voting members as people who have registered to attend the events to satisfy legal and insurance obligations.


In line with the Mokes Inc. purpose we also look to assist people with Moke activities they might like to peruse in their local area either in a formal or informal way. The Tamworth Round Up is one such example of Mokes Inc. supporting a couple of local enthusiasts who took the initiative and challenge of organising an event for Moke owners. Other activities can be local club like activities Members may like to organise and need the infrastructure and legal entity Mokes Inc. can provide.

Mokes Inc. is managed by six Moke enthusiast who work well together to provide on going support for the Forum and the direction and leadership for the larger events.

As a not for profit entity, Mokes Inc. is incorporated in Victoria and has to meet the applicable legal acts and responsibilities of that state.