MokeDownunderLogo600Please look at this list and confirm that your are on our list if you intended to join us for the West Coast Wander and if you haven't booked and confirmed your accommodation please do so. Last Updated Saturday 31st Jan.

Vicki and Alan in Mazy
Sharon and Grant in  
Kevin and Judie in Green Grub
Jan and Colin in Farkles
Lee     in The Phantom
David and Fay in Ensign
Tony and Marian in Money Pitt
Rod and Faye in M-ute
Robert and Cassandra in Dads Toy
Scott and Laura in smoken
Terry     in Desert Storm
Brian and Dianne in Percy
Andrew and Adele in Dynky
Wayne     in FROKE
Warren and Joylene in Blueboy
Graham and Brian in Austin Ute
Tony and Marian in Money Pitt
Laurie     in MOKEE
Tony and Christine in PRU
Melanie and James in 1981 Flat Tray
Craig and Jayne in Mokivation
Col and Barb in  
Anthony     in R2R
Rhonda and Lauren in CabSav