To help with making your bookings easier this article consolidates all the accommodation details you need to know as they are made available. The dates provided are based upon the expected schedule for the majority of people attending and should be used as a guide only if you plan to customise your itinerary. The dates detailed are for the evening of the Booking, i.e. Sunday 8th means Sunday evening.


 Mokin' Downunder, The Main Event

Hobart Airport Tourist Park - 0362 484 551

Wednesday 4th March to Sunday 8th March

Located adjacent to the Hobart Airport at Cambridge, about 10 minutes via freeway for the run into Hobart city. This will be Moke Central for the event as the meeting poin of our activities and socialising and people are encouraged to stay here.

Rosie is the contact here on 0362 484 551 and cabins and sites are being held under Mokin' DownUnder 2015 or Rod Owers (as computer system needed a name). The Hobart Airport Tourist Park Website

There is a time limit on how long Rosie will hold sites and cabins for us, so if you are definitely going, book now and avoid the tears of missing out.

A Travelodge Motel is adjacent to the Hobart Airport Tourist Park if you would like to be near Moke Central.

Other accommodation types are available in Hobart (Google Hobart accommodation)

Western Wanderer Accommodation

Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park

Saturday 28th February and Sunday the 1st March

Inquiries and bookings should be made by telephoning 0364 581 266 and ask for Fiona.

Tentative reservations made under Mokin' DownUnder 2015 and will only be held until the start of October 2014. Animals are allowed on some sites but not cabins and they are pet friendly too!!!

Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park


Strahan Holiday Park

Monday 2nd march and Tuesday 3rd March.

Contact Cathy on 0364 717 468 for inquiries and bookings. Again some cabins and sites are being held under Mokin' DownUnder 2015 until October 2014.

It is likely they will allocate us to the old Discovery site however those with animals may be positioned across the road in the larger area.

Strahan Holiday Park

Other Strahan forms of accommodation can be found at

An alternative for people wanting something a little different would be to stay at Corinna ( on the Monday night, this is truly a unique spot (no radio, TV or mobile reception). You then have the chance to do the Pieman cruise the next morning and then travel onto Strahan.