The journey is as important as the destination and as part of the crossing of the Nullabor I plan to take in as much of what there is to see as practical to fit into this crossing. To give you a taste, here are a selection of items I hope to include in the Itinerary. This article is a staging area for points of interest I find and their inclusion or not with more details will be provided in each days schedule.

Nullabor Links.

Not sure how practical it is going to be to include a round of golf with such a large group but there is a golf Course that spreads across The Nullabor with the first hole being in Ceduna and the 18th in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. For the keen golfer we might be able to squeeze in a few holes as part of 'rest stops'. More information here,

Dingo Fence

It stretches the some 5,000km and ends around the Qld/NSW near the coast and on most trips I seem to have passed through it at some point. The Nullabor crossing has a unique feature and so it might be a good chance for a photo shoot and a quick service on the Mokes. Don't let me pass it without stopping.

Old Nullabor Station

A 14km or so detour into the old Nullabor Station that still remains and is a free camp spot for travellers and worth a wander around is the old graveyard of Vehicles from years gone by that failed to make their destination.

Fowlers Bay

Whale Watching

It will be the end of the whale watching season as we cross but a detour to the Head of the Bight might allow us to catch a glimpse of a mother and calf in the nursery.

Old Telegraph Station

Down the track behind the Eucla Roadhouse is the old telegraph station getting overrun by the sand dunes but still worth appreciating the isolation of the place.

Cocklebiddy Caves

SA Wave Rock

 Wave Rock in WA is quite famous tourist must see but if your plans don't allow for it we are going to take a detour in tho the South Australian equivalent that is somewhat smaller but no less impressive. Somewhere just out of a town between Port Augusta and Ceduna

 Skylab Museum Belladonia

Wet Wheels on the West Coast

Not exactly part of crossing the Nullabor, but come the weekend in Perth one thing I would like to do is find somewhere on the coast around Perth, probably on a boat ramp where those that have travelled across drive their wheels into the water to signify they have made it to the West in their Moke. I read about another car club, old bentley's I think, who did the same in Sydney and Perth to signify the start and end of their journey.

Massage Hay St, Kalgoorlie

I am sure the waery drivers would appreciate a nice massage after a week on the road and i here there are a few place on Hay St in Kalgoorlie. :)