A chance for people travelling over to Perth to MokeFest 2013 to share from where and when they are leaving, what their rough plan is for getting there and getitng back for people to organise themselves to travel in the safety and comfort of numbers. A trip is just a drive unless it is shared.

To have your details added please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, where you are leaving from, when and any rough plan you might have for your adventure. If you have a photo to include send that along also.

At this point I will hope to tie in with Tony and the south coast groups plans. I initially planned on running down and spending a few days in Melbourne pre Trip but think I will now travel with that lot and do the coast road home and do the great ocean road etc.

Can't remember dates of Tony's plans but I will work around travelling with them if they will have me.

I will have camping gear and be prepared to camp when over there too.

We will be leaving on Friday 13th or Sat 14th but would prefer the 13th just so we could have some extra time up our sleeve We will be travelling in convoy with Woody which means our itinerary will be the same as his going to Perth and also on the return trip.  Dave G has also indicated he and a companion will be travelling with us on the way over, not sure about
their return.

Merren and I will be camping most times but if there is a substantial amount of rain forecast on some nights we will probably head for drier accommodation.

Dave in Action with his Care Bear doona

Dave and Thomas will be leaving from Adelaide and going to Quorn on day one. From there it is anyone's guess but will go with the flow all the way to WA. Hoping to come back the Anne Beadell Highway to Pt Augusta and then home. Never been to WA so looking forward to seeing the west along with bush camping.

Will be taking my Care Bears Doona of course

Travelling to Perth leaving from Yarrawonga to Port Augsta to meet up with the convoy.  More than likely through Swan Hill and Berri.  Not sure yet if we will camp or stay at some of the posh establishments on the way. 
Return from Perth will probably be with other travellers.
Sharon and Grant