Karrinyup Waters Resort to the north of Perth has been selected as the place to stay for MokeFest 2013 therefore if you are needing accommodation and would like to stay with the majority then you will need to book directly with Karrinyup Waters Resorts. Cabins, powered and un-powered sites available, read on for more.

Contact deatils for Karrinyuip Waters Resort


(08) 9447 6665 Fax (08) 9246 1466 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For people booking a cabin you will be asked to pay for the first nights accommodation as a deposit so please have your credit card handy.

We will be staying here from Wednesday night the 25th September until Saturday night the 28th at this stage. Depending on activities being organised in Perth we may also stay on Sunday night the 29th but that will be confirmed later on if it is to happen.

Once you have made your booking can you please let me know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can keep a track of who is staying there.


In choosing the right place to stay in Perth I sent Mr and Mrs Maddog to sniff the place out and here is what they found out for us.

"We had a good wander around, and asked plenty of questions. They had no problem with a big group, and seemed keen to help. However it is Country Week, so they warned they will be full. Still a few cabins left, and they were quite happy for you to organise your own sleeping arrangements ie sharing, swags on the floor etc. No problem with camping sites. Visitors are welcome up to 10pm, but park outside the boom gates. I gather the boom gates are left open until 5pm - or at least they were today. Plenty of parking inside, with each cabin having a concrete pad (but you'd fit two mokes on them).

Still available for the 26th,27th and 28th....

1x Deluxe Spa (2x queen beds, 1 set of bunks)

5x Duplex cabins (1 queen)

1x 2 Bedroom Superior (1 queen 2 singles)

3x 1 Bedroom Cabins (1 queen)

7x Open Plan (1 queen 2 bunks)

The open plan bunks are a bit small for adults, but they are happy for swags on the floor. I gather it's one big room.

I have a list with all the prices I'll scan when I get home, but they range from $185 for the spa to $120 for the open plan (for 2). Powered camping is $38 per night and unpowered $33. Bedding and towels supplied in the cabins.

I'm no expert on caravan parks, but it all looked quite clean, neat and tidy to me. Very quiet too, with the golf course over the road and a market garden or homes next door. The cabins are quite close, but the camping area is very nice with a lake and lots of trees. Separate ablution block for the campers, and camp kitchen right there. Camping is way down the back, so if it's not too full (and I got the impression it won't be in the camping area), would be a good area to gather and not disturb anyone."




To give you some idea of where we are staying relative to Perth....

map to location of Karrinyup Waters