Departing from either the Border Village or Eucla bright and early we make our way on the Western Australian side of the border for our overnight stop at Balladonia. Today we get to tie a rope on the steering wheel as we do 146.6km of the longest straight piece of road in Australia and hope to visit the Cocklebiddy caves for a quick look.

Depending on our choice of over night accommodation the day could start with a Quarantine check at the Border before we get into 2nd gear and a detour for a look at the Old Telegraph station at Eucla. If we make good time might get a chance after lunch to head out to the Cocklebiddy Caves a look.

For the afternoon it will be abut 200km of driving with a couple of stops before we get to Balladonia and the longest stretch of straight road, all 146.6km of it. There is a museum for the piece of space junk that fell to earth, Skylab, but it also has some other interesting things apparently.

Fuel should be okay for one tank from the Border to Cocklebiddy, however keep in mind you will be running on a diet of 91ron fuel which will decrease the km per litre you get out of a tank full of fuel so make sure you have at least 10lt in a jerry can for the morning leg just in case.

Fill up in Cocklebiddy and you should make Balladonia easily on a tank.

 Accommodation choices at Balladonia are at the Roadhouse which has cabins, motel, backpackers and un/powered sites. Details are;

Staying Thursday 19th

Balladonia Hotel Motel, Balladonia, 08 9039 3453