It is on again, the Moke Round Up is being in Tamworth after such a great weekend in 2010 Steve, Aimee and Greg are back for more, with more days, more activities and more Mokes. The venue for Moke Central is the same, the wonderful Austin Tourist Park, while the dates have changed to a little later in the year to hopefully get some more pleasant weather.

With the main focus of the event planned for the weekend of 3-4 November, many people are planning to arrive Wednesday or Thursday to make the most of catching up and meeting the new Moke owners that will be there. The kind folk at the Austin Tourist Park are putting on a treat for the early arrivals with a BBQ on the Thursday night.

If  you are new to the concept of Moke Central, it is the name provide to a common place at these type of Moke events where people can congregate at meal times, cylinder head remove and refit, impromptu service day, assembling for trips and generally just hang out at will. At the 2010 event the owners of the Austin Tourist Park allowed use of the communal kitchen and BBQ area and the surrounding lawns for Moke Central; it was just so convenient and really was just a great place  to be.

If you are sure you are going to be there then please ensure you have your Registration Form filled in and returned, and subscribe to the Round Up Rattle to keep abreast of developments. Don't forget to make sure you have booked your accommodation at Austin Tourist Park or nearby.

If you are not able to confirm at the stage then please still subscribe to the Round Up Rattle to whet your appetite, and when you are ready complete a Registration Form.

For more information about what is happening then check out the What's On page.

A stop on Bungedore Spur

The 2010 "Thursday" Run.