tammy2012-61Wednesday 31 Oct/Thursday 1 Nov - Casual organised runs which can be arranged to best suit the majority of people who turn up.

Friday 2 Nov - A structured run to a "destination" spot - somewhere easy to find so that people can meet us there en route

Saturday 3 Nov - Main event - An all day run to Nundle, Sheba Dams, Hanging Rock and return late afternoon. You will need to be at Moke Central reasonably early in the morning if you are to catch the start of this run. If that's not possible, we can of course give you directions/a map to meet up with us along the way.

Sunday 4 Nov - Some localised activities around Tamworth. Won't be going too far afield so that people can break off to head home early if they need to. Probably finish at lunch time. 

More info can be found here : Forum post on event schedule (new).