Wednesday at the Moke Round up started off with about 14 mokes in attendance and even organiser Newie has been running around in his own Moke, althiough he was in the passenger seat for most of the trip out for the day. For a totally unbiased and objective view of the proceeding so far you might need to look elsewhere, for my take on the proceedings, read on McDuff.

An early morning walk aorund the park, cleverly disguised as a number two walk for Cujo showe a few Mokes in attendance.

Biggles and Samm Snuggled up together..,.

Biggles and Samm

Julie and Vern with Newies Cool Breeze having a sleep over...

Julie and Vern with Cool breeze.

Newie, Piggy and Smokey discussing just how heavy is his tray back tent.

Newie, piggy and Smokey

And a morning photo shoot with most of the Mokes lined up...

Morning line Up


And a much less orderly line up ....

Disorderly Moke conduct


The days drive was out to the hills of the farming community North East of Tamworth...