Thursday has come and almost gone with the crowd here probably doubling in size by this evening with most people at the moment hanging around Moke Central eating bbq sausages in bread and watching Moke2B project a blue screen from his computer onto a bed sheet flapping in the winding. :) The day sort of went to plan until....

Those up early enough and at Moke Central found Piggy cooking up some Egg and Bacon wraps for anyone who wanted one or four. :) A few people staggered in early enough and over in the river front complex Smokey could be seen still working on his Bushie and a progression of people coming and going to offer advice and lean in a look. Andy arrived early with his blue Moke on a trailer having driven since 1am to get here.

Not sure how many Mokes lined up to head out on todays run but most left to do a run up the nroth and cut across the back roads to the Bendemeer Hotel for Lunch. I stayed back to provide Smokey with some Adult Supervision as we sorted out his clutch issue(s). Andy and Samm went with the Convoy until they reach the Dirt and then they came back to Moke Central. Ainsley, Cabsav and Mrs oke MyDay stayed back and went and did a bit of shopping. Samm and Andy took off to meet the rest at the pub for lunch and we had Smokey going again so with Rod and Faye we headed up tot he hotel for lunch.

The group was just arriving as we got there less a few Mokes, noticeably the leading Moke with Newie. Cool Breeze was more your cough and splutter it seemed with some fuel starvation issues. I had a look and decided the pick up was getting blocked so we stuck a hose in the top of the tank and it didn't fix it, Biggles fitted a spare electric pump and we thought it was going to work, but died a few metres down the road. By this time all the Mokes had left and headed down the highway back to Moke Central. Rod, Newie and I persevered with Cool Breeze eventually working out the alternator was not doing anything useful and once the volts dropped enough in the battery the fuel pump would die. So while Newie made a few calls to start sourcing an alternator we charged his battery and then sent him on his way.

Moke2B and Nicko we waiting on the highway, having heard of the issues as they passed so helped us escort Newie, when we could catch him, back to town.

A lot more people are in moke Central tonight, Mr and Mrs Casper, Jonzey and friends, Sarah Dust, Mazy, MellowYellow,Nikkers,Moke2B, Spider, Sa Mokin, Mavro joined us at the pub for lunch, a couple of faces i don't recognise, a few actually.

A late eveing BBQ, put on the by the Austin Park owners themselves, and everyone is sitting around chatting in the dark with the odd spots of rain threaten something bigger.

Sorry there are no photos yet as I didn't get the camera out today, but hope to get a few from people who were on the trips that did have cameras active.