Half the fun of any Moke event is getting there and make sure you get your full entitlement of Fun, The Western Wander will lead it willing and not so willing participants for a five day tour across the top of Tassie and down the spectacular west coast taking in some of the best roads and scenery on offer in Australia. There is plenty to see and do and to make it family friendly we have two two night bookings, meaning you only have to pack up and move every second day from the chosen base camp with a local tour planned on the days in between. This tour leaves the Saturday morning on the Weekend of the 28th February, the weekend prior to Mokin Downunder Hobart Spectactular.

 Our aim will be to allow sufficient time for looking at the attractions on the way. Each day we will have a departure time and location and a final stopping point (our overnight accommodation). As everyone has slightly different interest (except for vehicle choice) every day we will nominate a few stopping points for the main convoy and a likely departure time from that point. The idea being to allow people that have done some research on the area and have identified attractions they wish to see a chance to do this and catch up during the day or that evening. A tail-end Charlie will be maintained and be attached to the main convoy.

Saturday 28th February
• Depart Devonport at 9:30am (allowance for those arriving on the morning crossing to have breakfast). The departure point will be the new Homemaker Centre on the Bass Highway where last minute shoppers can gather goods from Supercheap Auto, Ryans Outdoor, K&D (hardware shop), Shiploads ($2 shop), Harvey Norman, BP Servo, MacDonalds and Subway.
• Travel along the old coast highway to arrive at Stanley late afternoon. (approx. 150km)
• Other forms of accommodation available and places of interest can be found by going to following website http://www.stanleytasmania.com.au/

Sunday 1st March will likely include a walk to the top of the Nut, a drive out to Dip Falls and for those that want a slightly longer run, Arthur River will be offered - about 200km round trip to get your first sighting of the true West Coast and if the tide is out a drive along the sand.


• The Mobile Moke Central for Mokin' Downunder for Saturday and Sunday evening will be at the salaciously appointed Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park
• Inquiries and bookings should be made by telephoning 0364 581 266 and ask for Fiona.  Tentative reservations made under Mokin' DownUnder 2015 and will only be held until the start of October 2014.
• Animals are allowed on some sites but not cabins and they are pet friendly too!!!

Monday 2nd March will offer 3 options for our travel to Strahan.
Option 1
For those wanting to stay on the black stuff it will be a drive back to Wynyard, down via the Hellyer Gorge to Waratah and then to Rosebery, Zeehan and into Strahan by late afternoon. About 250km.

Option 2
Will involve about 20km of good dirt road, you will leave option 1 at Waratah and travel via Savage River, Corinna, Zeehan and then Strahan.

Option 3
This will take in the Western Explorer (recently re-opened) and includes about 80km of dirt road of reasonable condition. From Smithton you head south to Corinna (Google maps shows the Western Explorer Road however doesn't show it going all the way to Corinna, however it was recently completed in a Moke that normally stays on the bitumen without any issues) From Corinna you travel the same as Option 2.

• Mokin' Downunder camp for Monday and Tuesday evenings will be Strahan Holiday Park, contact Cathy on 0364 717 468 for inquiries and bookings. Again some cabins and sites are being held under Mokin' DownUnder 2015 until October 2014.
• It is likely they will allocate us to the old Discovery site however those with animals may be positioned across the road in the larger area.
• Other Strahan forms of accommodation can be found at http://www.discoverstrahan.com.au/index.html
• Note- An alternative to some wanting something a little different would be to stay at Corinna (http://www.corinna.com.au) on the Monday night, this is truly a unique spot (no radio, TV or mobile reception). You then have the chance to do the Pieman cruise the next morning and then travel onto Strahan.

Tuesday 3rd March will be based at Strahan (those that don't stay at Corinna) and offers many sightseeing attractions including the various boat cruises on the Gordon River or if you are a train buff then the Abt Wilderness Railway. I am certain that many of us will again experience the drive along Ocean Beach.

Wednesday 4th March will see us leave Strahan for Hobart, a little over 300km (4-5 hour driving time) on the Lyell Highway built for Moke driving with several spots to stop for viewing waterfalls and other truly Tasmanian experiences.
Lunch time stop over will be Tarraleah and as with Corinna some may wish to stay here overnight, this is an old Hydro village that is now in private hands with excellent accommodation including camping. http://www.tarraleah.com/

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