At Ceduna we leave civilasation for a few days as we begin our drive across the Nullabor aiming for the WA/SA border with the overnight stop planned at Eucla, however if you prefer you may stay at the Border Village 13km before Eucla. Details subject to change, however there are not too many options to stay anywhere but the Roadhouses.

Todays travel is reasonably long with 600km or so to cover so the plan is to be on the road early, 8'ish so if you want to have a little explore around Ceduna, get your fuel tanks full and put a little something in the tummy if you wish you will have to be up pretty early. There is not a great amount to see off the road from here, however there is a planned stop at the Whale Watching platform just south of the Nullabor Roadhouse about 300km along to see if we can't spot some Japanese Research Sushi floating past.

There is an agricultural checkpoint at Ceduna for people travelling into South Australia so worth noting for when you are coming home to not bring in naughty things. We hit the checkpoint going into WA at the border and they are quite strict so take enough fruit and veg to get you through to the middle of the end of the day and that is all or you will be throwing it away or trying to sell it people travelling east.

There is just on 300km between Ceduna and the Nullabor Roadhouse so people with a fuel range of under a comfortable 300km will need to top up along the way today. Yalatara roadhouse that is marked on most maps is still closed or no longer operating so Nundroo or Penong are the most likely candidates.

For the bush campers we shall be hitting the scrub somewhere after the roadhouse if we can find somewhere to hide which may be difficult in a place with no trees, as prior to the roadhouse we have a National Park or a tax payer funded future mining lease depending on your view.  More details for accommodation as it comes to hand and we know where we plan to stay.

Eucla is the preferred option;

08 9039 3468

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Border Village as an alternative/back up only.

Wednesday the 18th September

(08) 90393474