TripleSignFor the Moke owners taking on the challenge of driving your Moke over to Perth your adventure starts as early as the 14th of September as they leave to get themselves to the meeting point in Port Augusta for the 'big crossing' with the group. People are encouraged to join up with others travelling from their area to the meeting point in Port Augusta.

There are lots of smaller details and more specific information required by each person travelling from their home that will be covered in other articles on the website so this is just a broad outline of the plan for getting everyone safely to Perth.

The main meeting point is now Port Augusta, South Australia, where we hope to see everybody by Monday the 16th ready to depart on Tuesday the 17th. It is sounding like more people will be arriving on the Sunday so it will be chance for people to make last minute adjustments and fixes, get supplies and an option to drive out to Quorn may be on the cards.

For most people to get to the meeting point it will be a two to three day drive and is intended to allow people to 'shakedown' their Mokes, their passengers and other gremlins in smaller convoys before reaching the main convoy. The first day out tends to be the one where people have to stop to make a few adjustments, check the rattles and get into the routine of driving all day in a Moke.

 From Tuesday to Saturday the plan is to drive lots of km each day, I expect around 500-600km each day, while still allowing time to stop and take in some of the sights along the way. Accommodation will be a choice of bush camping, yes your food has dirt on it and you pooh in a hole you just dug yourself, or for those needing more creature comforts we will be stopping each night near one the roadhouses along the way that have various options for staying overnight.

For many this is the experience of a lifetime, at least in their Moke, and with this convoy comes the comfort and safety in numbers that for many is the only reason they would tackle such a journey. I come from the old school of 'nobody gets left behind' so while people are responsible for their own well being and that of their Moke, we travel as a group and we arrive as a group.

Western Australia is still very tight on their border protection against Fruit and Vegies and your vehicle will be inspected for naughty items at the border so if you plan to carry fruit, don't over do it and just plan for enough to get you to the border and you will have to go hungry for the next few days or buy at the roadhouses.

More information is being created on the website for preparing yourself and your Moke for the trip across and what you can expect.